Welcome to Beeline Aerial.  Below is more information about Beeline Aerial, services provided, and information about our equipment.  
SERVICES:  With the pilot's Remote PIC certificate, the services listed below and a vide variety of others can be completed for projects.  Mapping services are for visualization purposes only like crop health maps and orthophotos (aerial photos) (See the mapping gallery).  To do surveying with a drone, you must be a licensed surveyor or work with a licensed surveyor since a licensed surveyor must sign off on surveys of land.  Photographs are developed for clients using a professional photo lab.  Some photos are also for sale from our galleries, which make great wall art.
WHY BEELINE AERIAL:  Being located in Beavercreek, Ohio, many places in Ohio west of Columbus within an hour.  To do commercial work with a drone, you must be hold a commercial license with FAA.  Our pilot has a commercial sUAS Remote Pilot in Command Certificate from the FAA.
WHY A COMMERCIAL sUAS PILOT:  All commercial sUAS (drone) items fall under FAA Part 107 regulations.  This includes anything that may be used that for commercial gain with a drone like real estate photos, inspections, crop management or review, mapping, video, etc.  In order to carry out these commercial services in the USA, you must have your sUAS Remote Pilot in Command (PIC) certificate or use someone with this certificate.  This FAA certificate has been obtained to carry out services under current FAA Part 107 regulations with Remote PIC certification.  This also provides the ability to obtain, and have obtained, Part 107 waivers from the FAA if one is needed.  (NOTE: if a waiver is needed, it can take up to 90 days to obtain, so early coordination is a must.)
INSURANCE:  Currently, liability insurance is obtained for up to $5 milion per flight, using Verifly, which is an on-demand service through Global Aerospace, Inc.  
ADVANTAGES OF USING A DRONE:  A drone can give you a new perspective on something.  You can see things that you couldn't see before or from the ground.  You don't have to wait for the satellite to pass over to do the crop map of 20, 40, 80 acres or more and in some cases, you get better resolution.  Some items can be obtained for clients instantaneously depending on the needs since these capture images and video using microSD cards in very high resolution.  Want a live stream to a client interesting in property or the farm if they are not able to be out there?  Our drones the ability to live stream video from the drone to YouTube or Facebook.
DRONE SPECS:  DJI Phantom drones are used for work.  These are capable of taking photos from 12-20 MP and video in HD up to 4K. These also provide the capability to live stream flights in high definition through YouTube and Facebook Live.  Post editing to enhance photos and complete touch ups is done with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.  For videos, Apple's Final Cut Pro is use for creating the movies and adding sound and music.
INQUIRIES:  For more information, general questions, and quotes, please contact nick@beeline-aerial.com, the contact section of the website, or Facebook PM on the Facebook Page.
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