2016 Aerial Mapping

This is a collection of aerial and NDVI style maps that I have made through DroneDeploy for people and organizations to help determine plant health and growth. These were completed with my stock camera on my Phantom 3 Standard. NDVI style maps were produced with DroneDeploy with their conversion algorithms converting the orthophotos taken with the drone to the NDVI style maps. The DroneDeploy software produces these style maps by applying their various algorithms and filters from the othophoto produced. This is great for farmers and other groups to help them give them a visual how plants are thriving or identify areas in need attention and to help with their plan to address areas in need of attention. These maps also can be produced for elevation or 3D to show the variations in elevation for ground and plants for the area mapped. Note: As can be seen with the various maps, the NDVI style maps need to be used in conjunction with the orthophoto to determine how the colors produced correspond to what is actually in the photo since these are taken from conversions of the orthophoto and not a true NDVI camera.

ENDVI (Plant Health) map with RGN filter of soccer complex prepared with DroneDeploy algorithms.
Soccer Complex Aerial Ortophoto
Farm Field VARI with RGB filter map prepared with DroneDeploy algorithms.
Farm Field Aerial Orthophoto Map
Farm Field Elevation Map
Farmhouse Aerial Orthophoto Map
Farmhouse ENDVI with RGB filter map prepared with DroneDeploy algorithms.
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